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Welcome Back

So, if you are the keen type you might have perhaps noticed how there is a missing SOTT for last month, and you’d be correct, I totally didn’t procrastinate the entire month and it was totally some very serious real business decision that I won’t delve into deeper detail about here, just know that it 100% was not any form of procrastination.

And yes, this release of SOTT will cover the events that occurred over the last two months, so strap your belts because this one is going to hopefully be a good one.



First off, our friend @teaishealthy has started hosting their own Eludris instance over at so do consider checking that instance out.


In the realm of Eludris clients there have been also some developments, besides Pilfer (our beloved official TUI) getting all around enhancements and reworks to be more stable on well, unstable connections and just have more pizazz to it we also got not one, but two new clients.

The first one actually being a GUI brought to you by @teaishealthy (again) is eludris-flutter which as you could imagine is made in the Dart programming language using the Flutter UI kit, it’s a nice looking cross platform client which also works on mobile, it currently reigns as the best way to get Eludris on the go.

The second one which just appeared on the same day this blog was started to get written is eluder by @sawshadev, it’s also a TUI much like Pilfer but it’s written in python, give it a try, who knows, you might like it.

API Wrappers

Next up we have the Eludris API wrappers, python wise we still have only two, also by @teaishealthy which sadly didn’t get any major updates in the past two months and pydris which is made by your truly, @enokiun (me (the person writing this)).

Now unlike, pydris had a lot of improvements, changes and more, mainly the inclusion of a decorator-stacking based commands framework, here’s a tiny example of that:

@param("c", BoolParser(), required=False)
@param("b", NumberParser(signed=False), short="b") # this is a flag
@param("a", StringParser())
async def foo(_: Message, a: str, b: int, c: Optional[bool]):
    # invoked with something like `!foo "hello world" y -b 9` or `!foo h -b0`
    await client.send(f"{a} {b} {c}")

# You can also set error handlers
async def handle_errors(_: Message, err: Exception):
    await client.send(f"{err}")

there’s also much much more that got added so I really suggest you head to the git repo and check it out for yourself if you’re interested.

Up next we have a rust API wrapper for Eludris, it’s actually a part of the Uwuki Eludris bot which we will get into in just a bit, currently the repository houses the library as a lib and the bot as a binary so you can add it by running cargo add --git in your rust project and it will just work!!!1!!.


The last two months included a lot of action in the bot side of Eludris, we got bots such as Thang, Erik, Uwuki, Kerrik and Emre-Bot, each with their semi-unique set of features, they all reside in h (the endorsed instance hosted by @ooliver1 over at so whenever you’re free, give them a try, here’s a more detailed rundown of them one at a time:

  • Thang: Currently WIP, exists mostly as the Discord bot that bridges h with eludis (the official Eludris Discord server), used to test pydris sometimes, the first Eludris bot.
  • Erik: The second Eludris bot which takes a lot from our beloved Rik, focuses on fun with a side of utility.
  • Uwuki: Written in rust, focuses on utility with a side of fun.
  • Kerrik: Like Erik but with an extra dosage of shitposting.
  • Emre-Bot: Relatively new bot, who knows what could happen. In the first 30 minutes of this bot’s lifetime it went from simple ping-pong bot to shitposting but on dubious amounts of steroids.

Eludris Development

Now for the technical part, over the past two months not much has happened sadly since all the Eludritians were busy, that does not mean that Eludris didn’t have any work done on it, here are some of the main highlights:

  • Split Eludris into microservices.
  • Use Apache Kafka as a message broker.
  • Stop using kafka and use keyDB as a message broker instead since it’s more lightweight, is less of a pain to maintain and generally fits with the Eludris vision better.
  • eludris/eludris development now happens on the next branch.
  • Added proper ratelimiting for Oprish and Pandemonium.
  • Added a proof-of-concept file server to Effis which is currently deployed on both instances.
  • Added new limits and validation to some REST API request fields.
  • Removed instance features and added descriptions.
  • Made Most of the stuff configurable from within an Eludris.toml file.
  • Fixed some issues with ratelimits breaking on CloudFlare or when using Nginx.
  • Make CORS work.

Hopefully we will have a longer list next month, hopefully.


Welp, that was a fairly fun two months, it was very Eludris focused and nothing really happened on the Cognite side, that might change next month however, who knows.

That’s all for this month’s SOTT, hope you have a great month and until next time!

- Enoki & The @Eludris team.