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Microwaving mice is wrong they say

A safe and secure platform where you decide what goes.

A selection of different profiles of Eludris users

Your profile, your way

Customize your profile however you want with the hottest looking animated avatars, banners and sickest bios with all the text formatting juice- even if it's all anime.

An assortment of different built-in and community-provided Eludris client themes

Your client, exactly the way you want it

Make your own theme using the built-in powerful theming tools provided by the client, or choose your favourite one from the theme store.

A display of a few message elements in eludris

Your messages, filled with ways to convey your ideas

Use the rich arangement of formatting options provided to you to convey any idea, with ease. Include your own tables, coloured text, emojis and even math formulas with KaTeX!